Bringing the best together for patient care

We are a partnership between Imperial College London, The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Established since 2007, we are focused on aligning our expertise to turn science and engineering advances into new ways of preventing and treating disease.

Imperial College London is an internationally leading  science and technology focused university and the three NHS partners, representing nine different hospitals in London and the South East, are equally renowned for their quality of care and contributions to improving healthcare. Together, we represent a formidable partnership acting to tackle major health issues in the UK today.

Our vision is to use research and education to reduce the burden of disease. Where possible, the Imperial College AHSC seeks to prevent the onset of disease. Where it cannot prevent disease, it is focussed on detecting and diagnosing conditions earlier and, for all diagnosed diseases, the AHSC aims to develop better, precisely targeted treatments.

For patients seen at one of the AHSC Trusts, they are likely to benefit from some of the best outcomes to be found in the UK. This is because of the quality and focus of the staff who work within the AHSC – those who are exploring the frontiers of better quality care are also providing it every day in the AHSC hospitals.

Watch the AHSC director, Professor Jonathan Weber introduce the new vision and strategy: