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Cancer is one of the most significant health issues facing the UK with 50 per cent of the population expected to suffer from the disease during their lifetime. It is also a critical area of focus for the Imperial College AHSC.

The partnership draws on the strengths of the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust a specialist cancer centre renowned for its research and clinical care, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust providing comprehensive cancer services for the local North West London population and the academic excellence of Imperial College London.

Our extensive portfolio of multidisciplinary research is delivered through the:

As well as an active research programme the AHSC partners are also championing the implementation of new models of cancer care delivery through RM Partners, a NHS England Vanguard initiative.

The prevention and early detection of cancer is a priority programme for the AHSC and the partnership is uniting its clinical expertise with that in the School of Public Health to strengthen its portfolio in cancer prevention for primary and recurrent disease.

It is also capitalising on technological developments in the engineering, chemistry, computing and physics departments at Imperial, the CRUK Imperial Centre and the NIHR Royal Marsden BRC to devise novel approaches to the detection and early diagnosis of cancer.