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Imperial College Health Partners

Our AHSC is nested within Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP). Imperial College Health Partners was designated as an Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) in June 2013, and all Imperial College AHSC partners are members. The strategic visions of both the AHSC and the AHSN have been aligned to support the progression of research from discovery to implementation and dissemination.

How the AHSC and AHSN relate

As  an AHSC, we are focused on early stage translation (T1-T2) within the Trust and with the AHSN, we have an integrated approach to late stage translation and dissemination of innovation (T2-T4).

The AHSC focuses on:

  • discoveries arising from basic and applied research
  • developing innovation and collaboration with industry with regard to research and discovery
  • excellence as a provider of multi-professional education

The AHSN focuses on:

  • the diffusion and adoption of discoveries
  • engagement with industry
  • new ways of delivering healthcare across a wider population

Imperial College Health Partners has developed a tool to support innovative health tech developers and researchers to navigate the innovation process from invention to adoption. The tool is called Pathway to Innovation.

Imperial College AHSC partners attend meetings of Imperial College Health Partners as does the AHSC Director. The AHSN Managing Director similarly attends the AHSC Joint Executive Group. Through these reciprocal arrangements close working relationships are maintained.