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who we are

Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre is a partnership between Imperial College London, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of patients and populations by taking new research discoveries and translating them into new therapies as quickly as possible.  The AHSC is focused on research and education as the key drivers to better patient care.

Our Purpose

Our purpose as an AHSC is to utilise excellence in research and education across all faculties at Imperial College London to transform health outcomes within the NHS Trust partners. By doing this we aim to support the UK’s globally competitive position in healthcare related industries by increasing societal and economic gain.

We work closely  with Imperial College Health Partners, the designated Academic Health Science Network for North West London (AHSN), whose focus is to spread innovation and best practice in healthcare more widely across our region.

Our Vision

The AHSC’s vision is that the quality of life of our patients and populations will be measurably improved by translating our discoveries into medical advances, new therapies and techniques, and by promoting their application in the NHS and around the world, in as fast a timeframe as is possible.

We will make advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, both common diseases with large societal burdens and rarer diseases afflicting individuals and families.

Our work as an AHSC follows five key values:

  • Kind – We are considerate and thoughtful, so you feel respected and included.
  • Expert – We draw on our diverse skills, knowledge and experience, so we provide the best possible care.
  • Collaborative – We actively seek others’ views and ideas, so we achieve more together.
  • Aspirational – We are receptive and responsive to new thinking, so we never stop learning, discovering and improving.
  • Alignment and Integration – Each Party will work towards aligning and, where appropriate integrating, their structures, processes and behaviours in order to achieve the objectives of the AHSC

Our Goals

The patient is central to all we seek to achieve in pursuit of these goals:

  • To utilise the research strengths of Imperial College London combined with the critical mass of the NHS members to enhance healthcare for patients and populations
  • To create powerful new interdisciplinary synergies spanning the College, AHSC and the AHSN to transform healthcare through translational science, bioengineering and informatics
  • To educate and train the future generation of multidisciplinary clinical scientists capable of utilising new technologies for enhanced healthcare
  • To translate research into new policies for the benefit of patients nationally and internationally
  • To create new wealth through innovation in healthcare, discovery science and population-based translation