From Friday 09 to Saturday 10 May 2014, the Imperial Festival will kick off at Imperial’s South Kensington campus.

Take this unique opportunity to quiz our scientists and engineers about their latest work – join a research tour of the Hamlyn Centre for robotic surgery, listen to talks by Dr Michael Bloomfield on cannabis and the brain or Professor Peter Openshaw on what makes a pandemic dangerous, and watch interactions such as Professor Roger Kneebone’s pop-up surgery, the Robot Zone and more besides.

For the first time in 2014 there are also specific research zones outside the main marquee, with an eclectic variety of interactive displays from our health and medical research teams.

Health & Body Research Zone interactives

  1. How to stop small babies getting ill
    Play with a placenta and learn how it nourishes the foetus in the womb and contributes to the baby’s immune system.
  2. Measuring the nation’s diet online
    Try out a new calculator to find out what your diet means for your health.
  3. Computers versus diseases
    Use a computer programme to visualise biological molecules and find out how their shape can be used to design new treatments.
  4. Print-a-cell
    Get your hands on a 3D printout of a biological cell to explore its nano-details.
  5. Sequencing and Diagnosis
    Use magnetic DNA to discover how genome sequencing can help diagnose disease.
  6. The icing on the cake
    (Saturday only)
    Build sweetie versions of sugars that coat pharmaceutical drugs, and learn how this final flourish can dupe your immune system.
  7. Not just a fluke
    Measure the stiffness of your liver with a fibroscan. This is used in Thailand to identify liver scarring caused by the Mekong river fluke worm, which can lead to an increased risk of bile duct cancer.
  8. e-AR sensor penguin game
    Clip on a sensor and use your head movements to guide a penguin down an icy slope. Find out the serious side to this research as you slide to victory.
  9. Let’s talk about sex(ual health)
    Learn the truth behind common STI myths, compare treatments from around the world, and see live results from the Festival’s sexual behaviour survey.
  10. Changing genome gears
    Race toy cars round an ‘epigenetic track’ to find out how your surroundings affect your genes.
  11. Navigate the heart
    (Friday only)
    Discover how researchers are exploring this amazing organ and how they treat electrical problems affecting its rhythm.
  12. …and breathe
    (Saturday only)
    Come and explore all things lungs! Create snotty mucus, make some lung art, and find out more about respiratory research.
  13. Snot doctors, bogeys and baddies
    Join General Nostril, Brigadier Bogey and Sergeant Snot on a journey into the battleground of the nose.
  14. Design a spirometer
    Make a device to measure your lung capacity and explore how smartphone apps can help design be better used in research.
  15. What’s in your pee?
    Discover how urine can help doctors find out how your body is working. No samples please!
  16. Bugs and drugs
    What do feeding bacteria look like? Find out what conversations go on between them and drugs in your gut.
  17. Protect your head
    Perform impact tests on a crash test dummy and see the effects of wearing a cycling helmet.
  18. Gene therapy for the lungs
    Extract DNA from a strawberry, make a genetic bracelet, and find out about the link between genes and the lung disease cystic fibrosis.
  19. Light-footed
    Mix dance with motion sensor technology and see how even subtle movement can be translated into a visual and interactive performance.
  20. Enhancing impaired vision
    Find out about prototypes for people with impaired vision, and use an electronic visual aid to enhance your sight.
  21. Neuroprotection
    Intubate and ventilate a ‘trauma patient’ to discover how researchers are protecting the brain from damaging itself by using an unreactive gas.
  22. How to catch flu
    Explore the latest research into how to outwit pandemic flu viruses.
  23. Exploring the Brain
    Talk to staff, researchers and students about the work of a brain bank. Look down the microscope at brain slides and put the plastic brain models back together in a record time.

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