Imperial College AHSC was again successful in securing NIHR Integrated Academic Training posts for 2014/15.

In the formula based allocation, which is based on the amount of NIHR funding allocated to each university, Imperial was awarded 18 Academic Clinical Fellows (ACFs) and 7 Clinical Lecturers (CLs). On top of this, by competition – Imperial was awarded a further 4 ACFs and 2 CLs – one of the highest number of awards in the country.

The winning applicants focused on the NIHR disease priority areas of Trauma and Orthopaedics, General Practice, Clinical Radiology, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Medical Microbiology.

To be considered for the competition, the research proposed needed to be patient-centred clinical and applied health research, relevant to the NHS, focused on current and future patient needs, and able to make an impact within 5 years of its completion.

The NIHR Panel, led by Professor Jim Neilson, Dean for NIHR Faculty Trainees, quoted Imperial’s application as “an impressive, responsive, clearly structured academic training programme”. Our mentorship scheme was lauded, and Imperial’s Postgraduate Clinical Academic Training website was described as “very impressive with a good trainee focus”.

Imperial College AHSC currently has one of the largest Academic Training Programmes in the country, with 77 ACFs and 51 CLs in post at the end of 2013.  Academic trainees who undertake these programmes have good outcomes and tend to be inspired to do more, for example, 85% of ACFs have gone on to pursue a higher degree.

Trainees also have the opportunity to showcase their research, share knowledge with their colleagues and get acknowledged for their work at the yearly Academic Trainees Event.

For more information on the Integrated Academic Training (IAT) Pathway, click here.

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