The opinions of medical students play a major role in improving the quality of placements in the Trust and their opinions are regularly sought through Student Online Evaluation (SOLE).

The School of Medicine invites undergraduate medical students who have participated in Hospital-based placements to fill in the placement SOLE surveys towards the end of their attachment.  The survey response is anonymous and sent directly to the individual clinical staff as well as to the Director of Clinical Studies at the site.

Students’ feedback from previous SOLE surveys has resulted in changes to the curriculum and improvement in the quality of teaching and student experience.

Citing examples of how SOLE has recently made a major impact, Chris Harris, Quality and Educational Development Manager in the School of Medicine, said, “The Oncology placement in Year 5 used to be integrated with general practice and received poor feedback.  Working in partnership with the Trust, this placement was reorganised and split from the GP component, creating a two-week Oncology block.  Teachers find this much more rewarding and the result has been a marked improvement in student satisfaction.”

“Another example was the introduction of a clinical examination skills week.  As a result of their feedback, Year 3 students now receive a Trust-based induction to basic clinical examination skills before their first placement.  Feedback from teachers suggests that many students now feel more able to ‘hit the ground running’ when they arrive on the wards”

For clinical staff

SOLE data is crucial for ensuring high quality teaching and learning experiences, to identify issues that need improving and to celebrate good practice. As your students come to the end of their placements, encourage them to fill in SOLE via this link.

For medical students undergoing clinical placements

Please play your part in making improvements to your clinical placements: take part in the SOLE surveys via this link.